Engaged to be Married?

Congratulations on your engagement!  We believe marriage is a divine institution, created and blessed by God for more than a civil, economic or social arrangement.  Christian marriage is monogamous and established by mutual, voluntary consent.  The union is designed to be exclusive and lifelong.  For spiritual oneness and marital harmony, both partners need to be consecrated to the Lord Jesus Christ and His will for their lives.  Christ is the Lord of the home; the husband is His appointed helper.  Loving, self-sacrifice, and generosity are hallmarks of His presence and essential elements of happiness.

Weddings conducted in the church are a Christian worship service celebrating the union of a born-again man and woman.  In preparation for this covenant celebration please follow the steps below to enroll in the premarital counseling classes.  The class is open to any engaged couple and is mandatory for all couples desiring to be married at New Covenant Christian Ministries.

Step 1.  Read the Wedding Policies & Procedures Manual.

Step 2.  Complete the Premarital Counseling (PMC) Enrollment Form.

Step 3.  Return the completed PMC Enrollment Form to the church office:

  • Option #1 – Email: couplesministry@newcov.org
  • Option #2 – Fax: (770) 484-9394
  • Option #3 – Mail to: NCCM – Premarital Counseling, 1760 Phillips Road, Lithonia, GA 30058

Step 4.  Sign up for the Pre-Marital Class and arrange your schedule to attend all eight sessions. Click here for the PMC schedule.

Step 5.  A member of the Couples in Covenant leadership staff will contact you approximately 2 weeks prior to your selected start date to discuss pertinent issues and ensure you have everything you need to begin the premarital counseling process.

Step 6.  Attend the Pre-Marital Counseling Classes.

Do you have additional questions?  Feel free to review the FAQs section.  If after visiting our FAQs section you still have questions, please feel free to contact us at couplesministry@newcov.org.