The Vision

United Diversity:

We envision a racially, culturally, socially, and economically diverse community of believers united for the purpose of transforming all people into fully devoted followers of Jesus Christ.

Covenant Relationships:

We see ourselves engaged in covenant relationships with churches and leaders and in strategic partnerships with other organizations to build the body of Christ and serve the community.

Creative Ministry:

New Covenant will use creative methods, media, technology, and other available resources to provide quality ministries that equip and mobilize believers to extend the kingdom of God regionally, nationally, and internationally.

Transforming Worship:

The transforming presence of God distinguishes the environment at NCCM, creating a climate conducive to worship, adoration, and the expression of our deepest sentiments of love and desire for Him. We will be a church where thousands of people are being changed through their encounters with God in worship, the Word of God, and the community of believers.

Intentional Outreach:

As we encounter Him, and better understand the truth of who God is and gain clarity of who we are, our lives will be characterized by an unwavering commitment to the Father’s will of drawing humanity into a saving relationship with Himself. We will seek to grow in a love relationship with God that changes our worldview and causes us to see people as He sees them and respond by loving them as He loves them.