About Member C.A.R.E. Teams

One of the core values of New Covenant Christian Ministries is that people matter to God. We recognize the eternal value God places on every person and we commit ourselves to love and care for everyone – especially those whom God has chosen to unite with this church family.

In order to fulfill this commitment, we have developed Member Care Teams. These teams are comprised of an elder, ministers, deacons, and other members who are assigned the oversight and care of a specific segment of the congregation. Together, these teams support the pastors in shepherding the flock by giving care to members in crisis, helping them to become connected through relationships and service, and seeking ways to encourage and celebrate the work of God in the lives of the members and their families.

Member C.A.R.E. Teams

Elder Margo Parsons
A,E, N-R

Betty Evans
Anthony Fields
Kelvin Ford

Frankie Barnes
Ray Lewis
Stefforn McConnell

Elder Ronald Ray
B & Covington

Rebecca Evans
Patricia Phillips

Adam Evans
Reginald Phillips

Elder Melinda Dula
C, D, H

Donald Andrews
Alfie James
Tina Taylor
Darrell Whitehead

Steven Bromell
Kim Dula
Frederick Miles
Art Milligan

Elder Michael Harris
F-G, S-T

Tamara Lofton
James Martin
Pamela Randall

Jackie Bines
Eugene Humphery

Elders Walter & Theresa Gilstrap
I-M, U-Z

Michelle Jackson
DiAna Kelley
Rosalyn Smith

Ruben Burch
Larry Kelsey
LaVert McCrary
Gabriel Phillips