Connect as a Member


Welcome to the New Covenant Christian Ministries family. We are delighted that you are considering becoming a member of this church. We do not take your decision lightly, and we look forward to how God will transform your life and ours as a result of you being a member.

Steps to becoming a member of New Covenant Christian Ministries:

  • Complete the Membership Connection form here. When you do so, you will receive a formal letter of welcome within forty-eight hours.
  • Expect to be contacted by your assigned Elder or another member of your Member Care Team. They will provide you with Member Care contact information and answer any questions you may have concerning the ministry.
  • Log into the New Member Orientation site here to begin your orientation. The New Member Orientation consists of five (5) video messages and downloadable materials to help acquaint you with your new church family.
  • Once you have completed the New Member Orientation, you will be contacted by a New Member Team member. They will arrange for you to receive your membership certificate and schedule you for the special membership graduation ceremony held during an upcoming worship service.

During this process, should you have any questions or need assistance, please do not hesitate to contact Genevra Dubose at (770) 484-9300. She or any other staff member will be more than happy to assist you.