How Do I Accept Christ?

Our confession and belief activate salvation. We confess that we are sinners in need of a Savior, and we choose to repent of our sin. The Greek word that is translated repent means to think differently or afterward; therefore, repentance is an acknowledgment of where we are, and a willingness to turn and go in a different direction. Belief means to place one’s trust in something or someone. When we put our faith in Christ, asking Him to save us, His righteousness is credited to us, and we enter into right standing with God. Our sins are forgiven, and we have the promise of eternal life with God. (Rom. 10:9-10, 13)

Accepting Christ can be accomplished through a simple yet sincere prayer. While you may provide more words consistent with the sentiment of your own heart, here is a place to start.

“Dear God, thank You for loving me and providing a way for me to come back to you. Today I acknowledge my sin before You, and I ask that you cleanse my heart and my life. I believe that Jesus Christ is your Son and that He died on the cross as payment for my sin. I accept Him into my heart now, and I receive the gift of His sinless life in exchange for my sinful life. Thank You for saving me today and making me a new creation. Help me to walk fully in all that You have designed for this new life You have given me. I pray this in Jesus’ name, Amen.